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Miles of Progress

Our 17 year old son, Miles, has been receiving weekly services at Education Spectrum for the past 8 years. He is diagnosed with high functioning autism and ADHD and receives Social Skills Training.

What has impressed us the most is how as he has developed, his services have changed to meet his needs. We didn’t find that at other facilities that were only working with kids more impacted by autism than our son. There are several groups working on different levels, so there is always a group that meets his needs. The groupings are fluid so as Miles has gained skills, he’s moved groups.

His goals and progress is shared with us regularly by the staff. We’ve received information on how we can support him at home. Nathan, Diane and Debbie, have been willing to meet with us when we’ve had any questions or concerns. All the staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly.

Most importantly, Miles has gained an understanding of what his strengths and weaknesses are and how to apply that self-knowledge to make for more positive interactions at home, school and the community. He has gained confidence and pride in himself as an individual with autism.

Education Spectrum has been instrumental in our son’s success in school, home and community. We plan to continue with services in his transition to college. We highly recommend the services to anyone who would like to set their child up for success.

- Premjit & Cassandra Singh

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