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Based on the principles of freedom, authority, support, responsibility and confirmation, this opportunity provides individuals with authentic and meaningful choice and control over their services and supports, and therefore their lives.

Coaching and Supports for Families Transitioning into Self-Determination

Education Spectrum was awarded a grant from the San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center to assist families who were selected for the initial roll-out of the Self-Determination Program. We have assembled a number of experienced professionals to help families make a successful transition to this revolutionary, person-centered program.. Organized joint trainings and step-by-step assistance will be offered in a variety of modalities in order to meet the diverse needs of our community. Learn more about our Independent Facilitators by clicking here:


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This service is FREE to families selected in the San Gabriel Valley/Pomona Regional Center's Self-Determination Program.

While we will be primarily focused on ushering these families through the process, the Program will address areas of need outlined below.

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Recruitment and training of independent facilitators by developing a multi-faceted marketing effort by reaching out to numerous community ties in the public and private sectors, and working closely with SGPRC to promote and train future independent facilitators.

Develop Orientation support which may include speakers/presenters, and development of modification of materials.




Collaborative groups/workshops will be developed to foster ongoing, shared learning and problem-solving opportunities.  

For more information, contact our coaches directly at (310)-301-2585 or click here to email us directly 

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