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Transition to Self-Determination

Based on the principles of freedom, authority, support, responsibility and confirmation, this opportunity provides individuals with authentic and meaningful choice and control over their services and supports, and therefore their lives.


Coaching & Supports for  Participants & Families
Transitioning into Self-Determination

  Education Spectrum has been providing consultative services to the San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center and the North Bay Regional Center since 2020. We have assembled a number of experienced professionals to help participants and families make informed, person-centered choices. Collaborative trainings and step-by-step assistance is offered in a variety of modalities in order to meet the diverse needs of our community.


     Three families tell inspiring stories about their transition into the Self-Determination Program. 

Click on the video links below to learn more. 

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The SDP Network.

Self-Determining Californians can connect with Independent Facilitators and Service Providers. 

The SDP Network

Artwork created by Ethan Altshuler

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