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Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) is a systematic process for gathering information in order to determine the relationships between a person’s problem behavior and aspects of their environment. Through FBA, it is possible to identify specific antecedents that predict and maintain behavior and design a support plan that effectively addresses those variables. FBA methods typically include record reviews, interviews, and direct observation.

The goal of FBA is to answer certain questions:

1)  What exactly does the behavior look like?

2)  Under what circumstances is the behavior most/least likely to occur.

3)  What is the function of the behavior and what outcomes does the behavior produce

Hypothesis statements describe the specific patterns identified through the FBA and, if supported by the data, provide a foundation for intervention.

An FBA may be initiated when a person’s behavior interferes with performance, progress, and/or participation within typical daily routines and environments. It is completed for the purpose of designing an effective intervention that will allow the person with challenging behavior to be successful across all circumstances. A positive behavior support plan should be the outcome of any FBA.

This service is provided to our contracted school districts at their request.