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Self-Determination is a natural development of the Person-Centered Planning process. Self-Determination assures people with intellectual/developmental disabilities the authority to make meaningful choices and control their own lives. ... It involves providing choices and new experiences.

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Tamra Pauly

Tamra Pauly has been involved with the Self-Determination process since 2015, attending advisory committee meetings and trainings as this movement evolved into what it is today.  She is certified in Person-Centered Employment (ACRE) and has trained in Maps and Paths and Person-Centered Thinking. She has been a working Independent Facilitator since 2019, and has completed over 26 person centered plans and has 19 families in full Self-Determination with more in process. 


She is also a trainer for the LAPD and together with her son they work with the Mental Evaluation Unit to help officers understand what autism looks like and how to communicate with limited speakers like her son, Matt, who is now 30.  She has trained over 6,000 officers.

Lead Independent Facilitator

Coaching Director SGPRC Project


My husband and I are parents of 3 boys. Our oldest son was diagnosed with autism in 2006. As a former teacher, I had experience on the other side of the IEP conference table, and now I found myself in the much harder position as a parent at the IEP table. Although my husband and I were both educators, we still had an impossibly difficult time getting our child services through the school district. I started to help other parents when I could. Throughout the years, like most parents of a child with special needs, we feel we have earned “honorary degrees” in special education, social work, nursing, insurance billing, advocacy, etc. I have been active in working with my son and working to create positive change in my community. I have been a member of the Community/Legislative Committee as well as the SGPRC Board from 2009-2013. I am currently a Board member of the Parents Place Family Empowerment and Resource Center and the President of the Rowland Unified School District Special Education CAC Community Advisory Committee. I am also proud to be a Teach For America Corp Member Alumni

Elizabeth Cuevas

 Independent Facilitator



Felicia Ford is an African American, Special Needs Mother/Parent Advocate. She is the proud mother of an 18-year-old young lady with developmental disabilities, who she says is her greatest teacher, and her two adult sons, who are co-caregivers for their sister.

Felicia is also a State of CA Licensed CNA, Home Health Aid, State of CA Licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent, Community Mental Health Worker, an Advocate with California Black Women's Health Project, an outspoken advocate for equity in our California Regional Center System and other systems of care.


She has been a licensed State of Ca Aesthetician for 27 years and owned a spa for 8 years, promoting self-care and introducing the concept to many special needs parents as a way to give respite support to other full-time care givers.

She places herself in rooms and spaces reserved for people very unlike herself to impart a greater understanding of under represented communities with the intention of sharing insight, perspective, and to engage in securing the best possible outcomes for the people she serves.
Achieving self reliance in families that often experience disparity is her passion. Creating safe space for all clients, families, stakeholders to participate, engage in honest conversation, thrive and heal is paramount.
Telling these families and individuals stories and securing their well being was the motivating factor in starting Leap of Faith Family to Family Support, her 501 ©3 in September 2019. Leap of Faith Family to Family Support hosts meaningful events, educational trainings, and parent coaching.

Felicia Ford

Independent Facilitator

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