How it all Started

Education Spectrum was founded in 1996 at the forefront of the explosion of the Autism diagnosis. Two special educators and one parent sat around a table and designed a venue that would help families navigate their children's complex needs, support school systems, in designing programs to best support these students and work directly with students to acquire much needed skills to better integrate into their schools, family and community.

As families and school districts began to call, Education Spectrum began rapidly providing consultation services and training. When Regional Center contracted with Education Spectrum as a vendor, the Center grew quickly becoming one of the first organizations in the area to provide Social Skills and Adaptive Skills training classes. These services filled quickly and the wait list was longer than the client list.

Education Spectrum has expanded over the years, but the core team has served countless families and provided training to local school districts and private schools for nearly 30 years. We have also expanded to serve not only students with autism, but provide supports to  children or young adults that have various disabilities or difficulties that impact social, educational or behavioral performance.